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Thank you for stopping by my site and spending a few minutes of your time. As a person becomes more experienced they usually find something that they like to do but can't seem to establish a "job classification". In the western scheme of things, everything has to have a classification. I've heard the term many times over the years and just recently understood why I can except myself as a futurist.

I think the idea started in grade school. At that time I had an opportunity to read science fiction short stories, create a book report and turn the reports in for extra credit. This is when I believe it all started or as best I can remember. I was always interested in world fairs, the year 2101, new technology, computers, space craft, our solar system, our galaxy and the stars of the universe. All the thoughts I have for the whole universe thing were reinforced at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. In addition, there is the aspect of the creation of all living things I given quite a bit of thought. After all stars are born, have a life (for billions of years) and as all living things do, they make the transition. How much of this star stuff made it to Earth? What did the various elements contribute to the development of life on this planet? This is the mystery that has yet to unfold. Sooner of later (perhaps not in my lifetime) this information will reveal it's self,

Is there life on other planets? What do you think? Will we move computer technology to the next level by merging them with robots creating androids? Will we ever develop the technology to visit neighborhood stars? All great questions that if you would like we can discuss via email. I've considered adding a blog just for such discussions I just have to find the time. I hope you will join me for good sci-fi chat

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