As time passes we find NEW entertainment industry developments that did not present themselves until now. Just think about it. Who ever saw p2p downloading upstart Napster coming and who would have predicted it would disappear ALMOST as fast while spinning off 7 or 8 different clones promoting the same thing! Or the masses moving to real time paying sites!

Part III
by Dwight Brewster
World-Wide Music Industry at the Crossroads

Blank Audio

Media Tax

A recording tax on blank audio media? Yea, there's another idea on the table. Tax the sale of blank audio media and the machines that record them, such as iPod, digital audiotape, minidiscs and recordable compact discs. The tax recognizes that we might use them for copying.

We the consumer pay that tax whether we use them to copy music or not.

But as a professional music creator, that music tax has to be collected and distributed to the creators and, not to, record companies. We had about enough of that!

Hey, look at the real numbers! No one is making any money with the down load craze except the hardware manufacturing companies!! Plus court costs are sky rocketing all in the name of downloading music for free. Please explain how that's going to work. SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS TO PAY TO CREATE QUALITY MUSIC. ESPECIALLY IF THE MUSIC IS RECORDED TECHNICALLY CORRECT. Ok! Don't pay the musicians (rip-off artist!) you still have to buy the equipment. Besides if your time is worth any money remember to factor in the hours invested in the learning curve as well as playing the music into your new machines. Add to that mixing, mastering, marketing and promotion etc. See what I mean. Have you checked prices for this digital stuff lately? Sure the prices are way down but you still need over $25,000 to be anywhere near the digital mastering curve ballpark. Good sound creation still costs lots of money:

To price and purchase visit the following web sites:
(Pay close attention to their used section)

For all the rest surf to:

And that's the stuff you can afford! So you got big bucks and don't believe what I'm saying. Digest this, a Pro Digital Remix Console you need can cost over 1 million dollars! This is really big time stuff used by all the network television studios, and top of the line recording remix studios. These guys set the standard the rest of us attempt to live up to with our Tascam, Mackie, Tritons, Emu and Yamaha equipment. You KNOW there has to be a reason why pro stuff cost so much more! For example an analog Neve board USED! Still sells for up to $250,000.00 depending on features.

Check out an actual ad from the web:
SSL8080 with ultimation has over 150K worth of upgrades mint $200K SSL9072J console is in mint condition $440K
Neve VR72 completely refurbished mint condition total recall Flying faders $190K
Neve 8108 56 channel console mint condition $35K with disk mix automation.
Euphonix 56 channel 48 dynamics $70K
SSL4080G+ ultimation mint condition $250K

Contact: Vic if you're interested.

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Or do your own search (at of the Neve top-of the-line digital product to get a better idea how much digital really costs!