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Press Release

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"Let's get ready to rumble". These are words you sometime hear at a Boxing event that exemplifies this multi talented musician, record producer, On-Air Personality, computer guru and founding member of The JungleRat Band.

After spending the last few years of intense "getting it together", Dwight Brewster formed Dr Mambo and the Experence Ensemble an African Caribbean Jazz Band, and are making their next planned step in the bands development, the completing the next "Experience Ensemble" recording and it's available here.

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What gives Dr Mambo and the Experience Ensemble the opportunity to be different and stand above the crowd is the wide range of talent in the band. "I think the range of song material", says Dwight Brewster "is directly attributed to the careers we collectively have had over the years". "I personally worked as a musician, arranger and/or producer with people such as Willie Colon, Bo Didlly, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Chaka Kahn, Robin Kenyatta, Norman Conners, Bob Marley, The Beginning of the End (Funky Nassau) as well as appearing on the same stage with Miles Davis, Ashford and Simpson, Tito Puente as well as The Clash", a very eclectic group of performers.
Press Release

Visit some of the band members websites on our front page here..

Recently I spent time working with a group of West Africans in Harlem, New York. How the music patterns well with Salsa, Latin Jazz, R&B as well as Jazz is amazing to me. If you want to check out how we do it stop by the "Video Corner". We'll keep you posted on our new events by signing up to our newsleter, here.


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